MB-70 ALUPROF is a great aluminium system which can be used for making of different exterior architectural building parts requiring thermal and acoustic insulation, as: different types of doors,  windows and glazing systems

The system profiles have a reliable three-chamber structure. The structural depth of the window sections is 70 mm (for the frame) and 79 mm (for the sash), and the doors are: 70 mm frame and 70 mm sash respectively. Such depths of sash and frame sections gives effect of one surface from the outside when the window is closed – in the case of the ALUPROF MB70 window, and the facing effect to the surface of sashes and frames – in the case of Doors made of ALUPROF MB70. Such shape of the profiles allows achieving resistant and slender door and window structures. In the MB70 system, it is also possible to produce “hidden-casement” windows, like MB-70US and the MB-70 “Industrial”, which fits perfectly and can be used during modernisations of  monumental or post-industrial historic buildings.



The MB-70 system is safe heat and have a very low value of the overall heat-transfer coefficient Uf, because of using the thermal breaks and gaskets. This is  very important in the times of the energy efficiency and environment protection. The  heat transfer  value coefficient  for constructions of the ALUPROF MB70 system – depends on the profiles and accessories – diffrence is between 1.5 and  2.39 W/m2K. In that system, ALUPROF MB70 – the “omega”-shaped profiled thermal breaks are applied, width 34 mm (windows), 24 mm (doors), produced of reinforced polyamide with fibreglass. The offered shape of thermal breaks increases the rigidity of  profile as compared to flat breaks and facilitates the section drainage, ensuring the proper thermal insulation in every atmospheric condition at the same time. The thermal breaks used in the windows have extra gaskets at the joining point with the sections, and also tongues that divides the chamber between the internal and external aluminium sections into three parts.


  •   Windows can be made as fixed or opening, tilt and turn inwards, tilt opening, casement or pivot
  •   Safe locking mechanism
  •   Very large size windows and doors are available
  •   Hidden-sash option
  •   Secure door and window ptions, that provides burglar resistance
  •   Lots of different finish options
  •   Different colors outside and inside are available
  •   Glazing unit can be up to 60 mm
  •   Multi-point locking mechanism
  •   Can be combined with different Aluprof’s MB systems which allows total design flexibility and project solutions
  •   Compliance with CE marking requirements


MB-70 / MB-70 HI

The basic range of profiles allows the manufacturing of windows that open inwards
and outwards. Thanks to its construction, it allows the use of many types of turn, tilt,
turn-and-tilt and tilt-and-slide fittings as well as folding constructions. As regards
doors, we have at our disposal the conventional single- or double-leaf doors as well
as doors with the so-called safe doorstop. The system is also used for making bigger
showcase structures using reinforcing profiles when required. It is also the basis for
a number of interesting individual solutions.

MB-70US / MB-70US HI

The invisible window sash variety. It enables an effect of indifferent look of series of neighboring combination of fixed and opening windows from the outside of the building. It gives an impression of light and neat look since low width of frames seen from the outside. Available in both regular and HI variety with enhanced thermal insulation.




The variety of system that enables to make window with sash invisible from the outer space. It resembles regular concealed sash construction but since its frame features 47 mm width it is therefore narrower than MB-70US and offers slimmer and lighter look.






Whether for renovating old steel windows or giving a stylish steel look to newbuild,
the MB-70 Industrial enables to keep with the original style, providing all the benefits
of modern aluminum technology. Combining attractive design options with long term
reliability, the system also features enhanced thermal insulation properties to ensure
energy conservation.



                 MB-70RC4                                    MB-70 Casement                        MB-70 Pivot                 MB-70CW / MB-70CW HI



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